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Juan is an accomplished business consultant with a unique understanding of how the 3 P’s in business, People, Processes and Product properly managed can take a business to the next level. 

As a former nationally recognized consultant with the Better Business Bureau his exceptional insight comes from hands-on experience with small and large businesses. He understands the struggles and the gut-wrenching decisions business owners have to make. This unique perception on what makes a business work and what drives success has proven to be invaluable to his clients.

Whether it is a People Issue, Product or Process, he can help you Fix it, so you can Accomplish your objectives and Avoid the unwanted from happening.


Here is a brief description on his areas of expertise.


PEO/ ASO Services 
Payroll / HR / Benefits / Risk Mitigation / Performance
HR / Benefits / Payroll Administration / Risk Management
Sales Management Guidance - Troubleshoot Sales Processes
Access to Business Capitol
Public Speaker: Motivator, Presenter