The Networkers Luncheon gives a portion of the proceeds from the luncheon to support "Pretty Girls with Cancer". Mission: Dedicated to promoting female health and wellness through education, awareness, prevention and community advocacy and supporting cancer patients, survivors and caretakers.

What is PGWC? Pretty, Positive and Powerful against cancer… our motto! We are ready to make a difference in the way cancer plays on women and girls self- esteem. We focus on self- esteem, confidence, building relationships and connecting everyone in the battle to beat cancer together for support. We want to create an atmosphere for our sisters (all ages) with ALL cancers have pre and post cancer treatment support. Pretty Girls with Cancer also want to be ambassadors in our communities educating and bring awareness on early dedication.

So why are we so different? We do not fund cancer research? You’re asking why, right? Well here at PGWC we are educators but we are not researchers. We know how important cancer research is in the fight against cancer and finding a cure for all cancers. Our goal is to educate and bring awareness about all cancers, early dedication and getting our community involved. We also focus on the relationships with our sisters in our sisterhood including patients, survivors and caretakers. We encourage sisterly events, signature programs, emotional support and referral services for everyone. Our signature events and programs make us stand out from the rest!!

Why Pretty?Yes we are too PRETTY for cancer… yeah we said it! When you look up the word pretty you will find synonyms such as lovely, charming, delightful, personable and appealing. When your diagnosed with cancer it strips so much away from you, it affect your entire life more than anyone would every know. It is so important to keep yourself in a positive mind frame and know that you’re bigger than cancer. Your pretty smile, positive attitude, loving ways and delightful personality will help you fight cancer. So we’re here to tell our sisters “We’re too Pretty for Cancer” because we will not let cancer dim our light. Shine on and beat cancer!

Do we just focus on women and girls?Of course not… that would be so rude! We have programs and events for EVERYONE. PGWC includes anyone, any age and any gender when it comes to educating and giving awareness on cancer and general health.

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